Cardio from Fitbit-  heartrates for most of two months

Surgery on Friday March  13th to debride infected leg,  next day skin graft from thigh
Rehab at Blake started March 18th, continued to April 1 discharge

Today Monday  April 13,   self-reported AFib was noticeable visually on neck pulse, and home health nurse could not count  wrist pulse fast enough with stopwatch.  I could (using music tempo in triplets) and estimated 150. Wild.   Finger pulse not accurate.  Fitbit recorded “peak” period of 146  BPM.
No fine grain with Fitbit.  But it has helped  tocalm down as AFib ends and HR drops.

Here are the FitBit daily heartrates from a few in February, and most of March through today.  Poor man’s Holter, and also sleep stage estimator (if you sleep), and exercise monitor.  $150.  Our family has five people using them mostly for fitness.

Fitbit also tracks daily resting heartrate.  This is not lowest heartrate during period, it is some undescribed algorithm.  The daily resting heartrate can be seen to follow the hospital stay ( March 13 to April 1).

I believe her cardiac meds were not changed except on discharge the physican added 25 mg Losartan to the discharge meds and a split the 25 mg metaprolol into 12.5 mg bid  (i.e. split the pill).  I do not know if Losartan had been administered during stay at Blake.  The resting heart-rate data suggests something was different- but frankly in bed all day, hospital food, diurnal lighting-  a lot was different.

February-  when Fitbit Charge 3 battery gets low, no data.  Or when fitbit shifts on wrist…

First photo shows 8 mins of  red “peak” heartrate.  That when the line goes red from orange.
Generally that  means over 90% of your maximal heartrate, for strongly exerted exercise.
So I am pretty sure there are episodes of AFib here. And there.
Early evening is sometimes good for a walk with the roller in the parking lot, so “cardio”  orange levels of heart rate are often seen then.
Blue is sleep. (Not much sleep here or ever. Big concern for me.) Yellow is awake but not active- lying awake, sitting and standing still. I think orange is geared to 80% of your Max HR.

Bear in mind the vertical scale changes for best fit of data on small screen. This is a peak at cardio level, not PEAK level.  And note throughout that lowest levels are often scattered through daytime napping and restless nights.

This was  the day she went to wound care, and they sent her to hospital for admission, surgery the next morning .

Skin graft surgery.  I arrive 9pm.

Looks like AFib

Then less variability, and no Cardiac”  or “Peak” heart rates for two weeks.  I wonder if Losartan was started.


A week later, a suddenly ramp upo midday

Passover Seder Wednesday evening April 8 OnLine

Easter Sunday April 12

Today is April 13 Monday

The flat spot marked 59 is the end of her stay at Blake.  Hence my suspicion that Losartan had been started  a week or so before she left, based on hospital EKG, and quieted her heart down.  Now it has rebounded- This data ends today April 13
I cannot see this data even as a “friend” just her daily exercise.  I took photos on this data from her phone today.