Same numbers as index (page iii) in Schirmer vocal score
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Click on the speak symbol at right to muteOverture 1 We sail the ocean blue (Sailors)2 I am called Little Buttercup (Buttercup) 2a But tell who’s the youth (Buttercup and Boatswain)3 The nightingale (Ralph and Sailors)3a A maiden fair to see (Ralph and Sailors)4 My gallant crew (Captain Corcoran and Sailors)4a Sir, you are sad! Buttercup and Captain Corcoran5 Sorry for her lot who loves too well (Josephine)6 Over the bright blue sea (Sir Joseph’s Relatives)7 Sir Joseph’s barge is seen (Sailors and Relatives)8 Now give three cheers I am the monarch of the seas (Captain, Sir Joseph, Hebe and Chorus)9 When I was a lad (Sir Joseph and CHorus)10 British Tar (Ralph, Boatswain, Carpenter’s mate, and Sailors)12 (Finale) Can I survive this overbearing? All Cast ACT 2 13 Fair moon, to thee I sing (Capt Corcoran)14 Things are seldom what they seem (Capt Corcoran and Buttercup15 The hours creep on apace (Josephine)16 Never mind the why and wherefore (Josephine, Captain Corcoran, and Sir Joseph)17 Kind Captain, I’ve important information Captain Corcoran and Dick Deadeye)18 Careful on tiptoe stealing (Cast)19 Farewell, my own (Cast)20 A many years ago ( Buttercup and Chorus)21 Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen (Cast)