The alphabetic order is simply the order in the rehearsal. A-Z
Numbers are page numbers in the Schirmer vocal score.
An old version of the score ( used by me and others in cast) has a song inserted at 181-187, so page numbers above 180 in the newer score may be 8 pages below
what’s listed here.

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FRIDAY 4/22/22 Monteverdi Mary Jane Alison Erik 6-10 pm

A 114
B 130
C 133
D 122
E 108
F 151

G 148
H 154
I End of Finale
J 29
K 155
L 202
M 201
N 13
O 27 end of rehearsal

Audio Recording Iolanthe 1960 D’Oyly Carte Opera Company |

Mp3 click and play or download ,mp3

Iolanthe Act 1 D’Oyly Carte 1960 MP3
Iolanthe Act 2 D’Oyly Carte 1960 MP3

SCORE- the 1941 Schirmer Vocal Score
Buying a copy is better than printing 200+ pages, but this may may help in an emergency. This version
Edited by Bryceson Treharne has 26 numbers with #22 as a solo by Strephon-
“My bill has been read a second time.”

click to download
Act 1 (act 2 below)

Act 2