John Nutting’s Songs of LaMoille Valley

The greatly beloved Reverend John Nutting passed away on June 10, 2020.
The Vermont Conference of the UCC had a funeral service on Zoom
on Wednesday June 24th.  One of John’s favorite songs was sung
in harmony, a cappella, by a couple whose name I would love to learn.
John recorded his only album in 1974,
      The Songs of Lamoille County, Vermont.
I obtained a vinyl copy which I have archived here, but suspect
I will eventually stumble on the CD that I recall John issuing
some years later, that is, some years ago.  Aside from his lifetime of
sharing good cheer, the Good Word,  and good work for the Vermont
UCC and the world at large, John shared his music in several ways.
This solitary album focuses on songs he wrote about the community
he called home for a large part of his life. Here tis, to download or click and play.
(Pardon the scratchy well-loved vinyl.)
(And yes, Dover, Vermont is in Windham County.)

Songs of the Lamoille County, Vermont   transferred from vinyl ( Fretless 112)

A Side
1. Hills of Dover
2. North Hyde Park Song
3. Red and the Deer Jacker
4. I Come From the North
5. Cabin Fever
B Side
 1. Lamoille River Song
2. No Snow Blues
3. The Waterbury Dump
4. Asbestos Mine Song
5. Rattlin’ Brook
6. Lay Me Down in Lamoille County


1 Hills of Dover

2 North Hyde Park Song

3 Red and the Deer Jacker

4 I Come From the North

5  Cabin Fever

6  Lamoille River Song

7  No Snow Blues

8  Waterbury Dump

9  Asbestos Mine Song

10  Rattlin’ Brook

11 Lay Me Down in Lamoille County