Carmina Burana Rehearsal Recordings

Winter Spring  2019  MRC Rehearsals
MaryJane Austin directing   and Alison Cerutti at piano

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Recordings made with iphone, transferred to mp3, double compressed to balance volume of Mary Jane speaking and full chorale singing.

Rehearsal 1  February 4, 2019
MaryJane welcomed us, covered some ground work,  and introduced the coming rehearsals and concerts.
We warmed up  (not recorded)
Then we tackled the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st songs in Carmina Burana in reverse order


REHEARSAL Tuesday April 23  St  Michaels, two Pianos,  SBCC AND MRC on risers.
This was just a recording made from the middle of the men’s sections, on the floor-  focus was on rehearsing not recording.

1 Thompson Alleluia conducted by Erik

Carmina Burana, Mary Jane conducting, two pianos,  St Michaels,
SBCC and MRC 1st joint rehearsal
2    Carmina Burina 1-4

3     CB 6-8
4    CB 9-10
5  CB 11-15
6  CB 16-25