MRC Moeran Springtime copies

The Songs of  Springtime by Moeran is out of print effectively at Novello, with a 1961 renewed copyright.  The 50 years on a renewed copyright has expired, so I believe we are entitled to make copies for our concert.
Here is a PDF of the whole seven-song work, with individual  pages (7×10) designed to be printed on letter (8 1/2 x 11 inch) paper.  You can print this out double sided and have a compact copy.  Tape or staple it together, or three-hole punch it for a ring binder.
Songs of Springtime 8.5×11 for single pages

Or here is PDF with two pages per sheet of 11×17 paper. Double-sided you have four pages per big piece of paper, like the Novello version
Spring Songs 11×17 to bind on tabloid paper This is organized so that if printed double-sided, and then folded and stapled, you can have a bound copy.  To staple with an ordinary stapler, open up the stapler as if  to staple a poster to a bulletin board. Place the printed music, with the first/last page up and page 14/15 down, on three or four sheets of corregated cardboard, and staple in two places on the midline.  Gently pull the music up and the staple legs out of the cardboard.  Fold the staple legs down in the middle of the music (between pages 14 and 15).  Fold music folio.  Trim edge if desired.

The above works OK with standard copy paper, but I have ordered some 35 pound bright white 11×17 paper to make stiffer copies of this and other projects. My scan is from a fresh white copy of the Novello score scanned at 300 dpi. It’s very close to the size, feel,  and readability of the Novello publication.
Let me know if you would like me to make you a  trimmed staple-bound copy.  802-229-8237  If you are not sure, have a look at one- Tempest Book Shop or next rehearsal.