MRC Spring Stuff

MRC Spring 2017
Rehearsal Recordings, MIDIs, Sample recordings by other groups

Five Warm-Ups with Mary Bonhag from 2014-16

REHEARSAL Recordings

First Rehearsal January 23
Rehearsal 2  January 30
Rehearsal 3 February 6
Rehearsal 4 February 13 at Masonic Lodge
Rehearsal 5  February 20 at Harwood
…Rehearsal 6  February 27 at Waterbury Church (no recording)
Rehearsal 7    March  6 at Waitsfield School- men and women split
Rehearsal 8    March 13 at Harwood
Rehearsal 9     March 20 at Harwood
Rehearsal 10   March 27   at Masonic Lodge
Rehearsal 11    April 3 at Harwood
Rehearsal 12   April 10 at Harwood
Rehearsal 13 April 17 at Harwood
Rehearsal 14  May 1 at Harwood
???  Dress Rehearsal May 5 at Waterbury?

Here are the MIDI files sent out by email.  They are in a zip file which you should be able to click and unpack.    I numbered them to match the sample recordings above.
In draft of concert order.

  Other groups singing our Spring 2017 songs.
Fifteen  mp3 files to click and play or download.
Get the feel. Practice your part. Simply enjoy.
Audio stripped from YouTube  videos mostly.