zMRC Spring 2018 Concert


MRC Spring 2018 Concert recorded at Warren Church

Va, Pensiero  from Nabucco    Verdi
Psalm 131, Psalm 133 vs 1      Bernstein
Frostiana                                  Frost/Thompson
  1 Road Not Taken
  2 The Pasture
  3  Come In
 4  The Telephone
  5  A Girl’s Garden
  6 Choose Something Like a Star
Alleluia                                                Thompson
Road Home                                  Paulus
Rounds of Israel                          Arr. DeCormier
Wayfaring Stranger                  Arr. DeCormier
Walk Together Children           Arr. DeCormier
Make Our Garden Grow             Bernstein
encore –  Turn the World Around     Belafonte

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1 Va, Pensiero! Verdi

2 Psalms  Bernstein

Frostiana   Thompson
3 Road Not Taken

4 The Pasture

5 Come In

6 The Telephone

7 A Girl’s Garden

8  Choose Something Like a Star

9 Alleluia Thompson

10 Road Home   Paulus

11 Rounds of Israel  DeCormier

12 Wayfaring Stranger   DeCormier

13 Walk Together Children   DeCormier

14 Make Our Garden Grow  Bernstein

15 Encore-  Turn the World Around   Belafonte

1-15  All Songs 70 mins