MRC Spring 2018 Rehearsal Recordings

Right click song title and download,  or click arrow on bar to play.

Rehearsal#1  Jan 22  cancelled- ice storm

Rehearsal #2  Jan 29  Waitsfield Church
..1  Pensiero

..2-  Oops.  Failed to record second song. Sorry!
..3 Paulus Road Home

..4 Road Not Taken

..5 Wayfaring Stranger

..6 Turn the World Around

..7 Road Home Reprise

Rehearsal #3 Feb 5 Harwood
..1 Make Our Garden Grow

..2 Something Like a Star

..3 Alleluia

..4  Psalms 3rd

Rehearsal #4 Feb 12 Harwood
..1 Verdi  Va, Pensiero

..2 Bernstein  Chichester Psalms

..3 Thompson Alleluia

..4 Thompson  Choose Something Like a Star

..5 Bernstein Make Our Garden Grow

..6 Paulus  Road Home

Rehearsal #5 Feb 19  Harwood
1 Va, Pensiero

2 Bernstein Psalm 133

3 Thompson Alleluia

4 Bernstein Make Our Garden Grow

5 Come In (women)

6 Girls Garden (women)

Rehearsal #6 Feb 26  Waitsfield Church
Compressed to enhance softer volume
1 warm-up

2 Pasture

3 The Turn

4 Telephone

5 Va Pensiero

6 Choose Something

7 Alleluia

8 Chichester

Files below are not dynamically compressed, but as recorded.  Compression above raises the volume of soft sounds- like one person talking, and lowers the volume of louder sounds, like forty people singing forte.  This was commonly done for commercial lp records and tape cassettes because the vinyl and tape could not handle the wide range of volume on top of the natural noise of the medium (needle noise and tape hiss).  CDs allowed a wider dynamic range (i.e. softer softs, and louder louds) because the medium itself, being digital, adds little or no noise.  Got that? Clear as mud?  Never mind.   But you can compare the as-recorded  (below), and as-compressed (above- the better to hear Mary Jane).  Feedback welcome.  Best- rr

As recorded (no compression)
1 Warmup

2 Chichester

3 Alleluia

4 Choose Something

5 Va Pensiero

6 Telephone

7 The Turn

8 Pasture

Rehearsal #7 March 12
Warm Up

Va Pensiero



Make Our Garden Grow

Road Home

Rehearsal #8 March 19

Rehearsal #9 March 26
Rehearsal #10 April 2
Rehearsal #11 April 9
Rehearsal #12 April 16
Rehearsal #13 April 23
Rehearsal #14 April 30

Dress Rehearsal May 3
Concerts May 5 and 6