zMRC Spring 2018 Sample Recordings

Our Spring 2018 concert pieces sung by other groups, as close as possible to our size, accompaniment etc.  mp3 files

Click the bar and play,
or right click song name and download (Save As  or Save Link). 

CDs of samples will be available at rehearsal as part of your dues.
Our arrangement and tempos and interpretation may differ subtly or greatly from these samples.  Caveat cantores!

Not in concert order-  later, later….
These samples taken from YouTube.  You are welcome to suggest different samples.
Thx. rr

Belafonte Turn the World Around

Bernstein Chichester Psalms 3rd with Hart House Chorus

Bernstein Chichester Psalms 3rd with Orchestra and Chorus

Bernstein Make Our Garden Grow Capitol Singers

Bernstein Make Our Garden Grow  Streisand in studio

DeCormier  Wayfaring Man  Kamiak Kantporei

Verdi  Va Pensiero  chorus of the Hebrew slaves in Nabucco
(These are Jews in the Babylonian “captivity” longing for their homeland.)
watch this clip at

Thompson  1 The Road Not Taken  Boise State

Thompson 2 The Pasture  CORO

Thompson 3 Come In WRC

Thompson 4 Telephone CORO

Thompson 5 Girls Garden WRC

Thompson 6 Stopping Woods on a Snowy Evening Chor Leoni

Thompson 7 Choose Something Starish UCLA Neuen

Thompson Frostiana  28 mins Harvard U Chorus chamber orchestra version

Thompson Alleluia Oklahoma U Chorale