Rehearsals Fall 2019

Rehearsal recordings forFall 2019 Mad River Chorale are posted here in reverse chronological order- i.e. most recent one on top.
Recordings are made with an iphone and transferred via email.  The m4a format files are converted to mp3 files with Format Factory.  Because the Chorale is much louder than Mary Jane, the recordings are run through Audacity’s compression tool (raising soft sounds and lowering loud ones), either once or twice.   You can “left click” and play the sound bar for each portion of the rehearsal, or you can “right click” the name link and download the mp3 file.  Rehearsals were at Harwood unless otherwise noted.

Oct 14 Rehearsal at Waterbury Church

Oct 7 Rehearsal with Alison

Sept 30, 2019  Rehearsal  (Thank-you Jane for recording)

Warm Up

More Warm Up

Lauda 24

Lauda 22

TenorBass Respighi

Sept 23, 2019 Rehearsal 

Lauda page 12

Lauda page 9

Lauda  Page 1

Rutter #4   Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind

Just the men Lauda page 9  starts one minute into recording.

Second Fall Rehearsal  September 16, 2019

2 Lauda  Page 1

3 Lauda Page 3  Rehearsal 5

4 Lauda Page 9  Rehearsal 20

5  Lauda  page 11 Rehearsal 24

6 Bruckner

7  Rutter Page 2

First Fall rehearsal  September 9, 2019
Intro to this season and Warmup

Lauda 1   12 mins Italian pronunciation, then  page 1     9/8 time

Lauda 2   page 9   a cappella madrigal  Rehearsal 20

Lauda 3  page 11  Rehearsal 23 to 24  Speeds up! Twice as fast!

Lauda 4  page 14  Rehearsal 29

Gesu Bambino   First page (2)

Rutter    page 15  Good Ale   Ring bring!