Sample Recordings Spring 2020

 (Moeran-  Songs of Springtime  below)

Messiah Choruses- orchestra and chorus-   
good recording of ones MRC is singing
Right click title to download to your device.
Sing along in pitch! We have piano for concert, not orchestra.
We have rehearsed our versions somewhat differently from this recording.
Hogs would sing it their way.

20 Behold the Lamb of God

22 Surely He Has Borne Our Grief

24  All We Like Sheep

25 All They That.   26 He Trusted in God

31 Lift Up Your  Heads

32 Unto Which of the 

35 The Lord Gave the Word

37 Their Sound has Gone Out

38 Why Do the Nation

38b  Since By Man Came Death

42 Hallelujah Chorus

51 But Thanks Be to God

52  If God Be For Us

53 Worthy is the Lamb

54 Amen

Moeran  Songs of Springtime
 Naxos recording from YouTube- National Chamber Choir of Ireland

1 and 7 Under Greenwood Tree and 7 To Daffodils  NDSU Madrigals

1 Under the Greenwood Tree

2  The River God’s Song

3 Spring Sweet Spring

4  Love is a Sickness

5  Sigh No More Ladies

6  Good Wine

7 To Daffodils

MRC Messiah Choruses   2020  above
Full orchestral choral recordings
20  Behold the Lamb
22 Surely He has Borne
24 All We Like Sheep
25-26  All They That See Him
31 Lift Up Your  Heads
32 Unto Which Of the
35 The Lord Gave
37 Their Sound is Gone
38  Why Do the Nations
      Since By Man Came
42 Hallelujah
51  But Thanks Be to God
52  If God Be For Us
53  Worthy Is The Lamb
(54)  Amen