MRC Rehearsals etc Spring 2022

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May 9, 2022 Dress Rehearsal Waterbury
MaryJane, Alison, Erik, four soloist, run concert in order

This dress rehearsal includes Nessa Rabin’s solo which she was not able to perform in our concerts.
Hear Nessa sing “#23 He was Despised”
at track #6 below.

Due to memory limits I have removed other Spring 2022 rehearsal recordings, except for our warm-ups which often included singing technique coaching by Erik

May 9 2022 DressRehearsal

0 Warm-Up Dress Rehearsal Waterbury
0.1 Prep Talk
2 Va Penserio
3 Thompson Alleluia
4 Mozart Ave Verum
5 MESSIAH #22 p91 Behold the Lamb of God
6 Solo #23 He was Despised
8 tenor solo #27 then #28 He Trusted in God
9 How Beautiful is my Green Valley
10 #39 p151 Their Son is Gone Out
11 Solo Why Do the Nations
12 #41 p161 Let Us Break Their Bonds
13 Solo #42
14 Hallelujah Chorus

with Erik coaching singing technique with breath control, support, and placement

1 Warm-Up end only oops 2 mins
2 Warm-up Erik
2 WarmUp 8m
1 WarmUp 7 mins
1 WarmUp with Erik
2 WarmUp
1 Warm Up