Fear Lectures

I have taught a lot of courses.  The Psychology of Fear has perhaps been the most thought-provoking for me and students.   I organized the class around this series of lectures which look at the many varieties of fear in human experience.  Maybe half of our life it trying to obtain the good stuff,  but half is avoid and escaping the bad stuff, the stuff we fear.

SYLLABUS Psyc 245 Psychology of Fear Summer II 2005 St Joseph College

First Fear-  Babies fear problems with breathing, breasts, bottles, and more
Horror Films- From fairy tales tales to Disney, we earn to cope with fear
Feeling Fear-  The physiology of the fear experience
Facial Fear- Communicating fear, similarities in species
Fearing Fire- Primordial fears, of things we need sometimes
Fixing Fear-  Therapy for phobias or anxiety, sometimes at pharmacy
Farm and Forest Fear- Beasts, fear of sentient aggression, unknown
Foreign Fear- Fear of the unfamiliar, from childhood to cultures
Federal Fear- fear of loss of community, tribal and group dynamic
Final Fear-  fear of death,
Phobias- range of fears across cultures that seem fairly common
Phantom Fear- ghoulies, ghosties, and thing that go bump in the night

Lecture 1 FirstFearsThreeBabyfears
Lecture 2  Film Fear  HorrorFilms
Lecture 3 FeelingFear
Lecture 4 FacialFear
Lecture 5 FearingFire
Lecture 6 FixingFear
Lecture 7 Farm and Forest Fear
Lecture 8 ForeignFear
Lecture 9 Federal Fear
Lecture 10 PhantomFears
Lecture 11 FlyingandPhobias
Lecture12 FinalFear
Lecture14 FamilyFear