MRC Liam Hale Service

Oct 17 Monday Rehearsal recordings for Liam Hale Funeral Service

at Our Lady of the Snows Oct 18th, 2016

1 Joyful Joyful  Wait for accompaniment after 3rd verse before starting 4th verse.
Sing 4th in unison.

2 Shepherd Me Sing twice at start, then just verses 1-3

3 Alleluia    We sing Twice thru, then someone the chant, then we sing again Once

4 On Eagles Wings We MIGHT do all four verses.

5  Hosanna Give it power.  Once

6 When You Eat This Bread  Once

7  Amen Once

8 Lamb of God  After hand shakes and Lord’s prayer. End with trespasses.
NO “Thine is the power and the glory….”
Third time through go to ending on second page and note 4 beats on world.

9 I am the Bread of Life   Communion, might doo all verses, might repeat. Watch

1o Be Not Afraid  Recessional, We do not recess. Probably all verses.