MRC Fall 2015 December Concerts

Tools for Singers to rehearse- not for public – December 2015

Two great concerts of holiday music

Dress rehearsal Friday Dec 18, 7:00 – 9:00 pm  Waitsfield Church

Concert Saturday Dec 19  at Waitsfield Church  7:30 pm   and
Concert Sunday Dec 20 the at Waterbury Church at 3:00 pm
recorded on my iphone at my feet in bass section Sunday.
First section

Second section


Rehearsal Notes (below)- click to download zipped Word files- these are usually emailed to everyone.

Sample Recordings by other groups (below)   READY
The music we are singing recorded by others, mp3 files
click and play bar
or left click title to  download.
Also available on CD at rehearsal

Rehearsal Recordings (below)– click to download mp files,usually in 30-40 min segments

Midi  and Midi-to-CD
 All our concert songs as midis in this folder.
I can burn audio CD for your part on request. S A T or B. No charge.
This set of MIDI files was emailed to all MRC singers.  But here they are again.
Fall 2015 MIDIs

Rehearsal Notes:
Hello singers   first email about program and rehearsals from MB
Magníficat translated Word doc from MJ
About the Magnificat  Word doc from MJ
Sept 14  First rehearsal; Register, pick up music:  Vivaldi started, Paulus:Bring the Torch
Sept 21:
Sept 28: Rehearsal Notes 9-28-15

The music we are singing recorded by others, mp3 files
click and play bar
or left click title to  download.
Also available on CD at rehearsal
Our tempos, dynamics etc will vary.  but these help.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Poulenc- O Magnum Mysterium

Vivaldi  Magnificat
1 Magnificat

2 Et Exultavit

3 Et Misercordia Eius

4 & 5  Fecit Potentiam & Deposuit Potentes

6 Esurientes

7 Suscepit Israel

8 Sicut Locutus Est

9 Gloria Patri

Three Carols Arranged by Stephen Paulus
Bring a Torch Jeannette Isabella

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Wassail Song

Four Snow Carols
Berlin- Snow

Elgar- The Snow (solo version.  our goal to sound like this.  Recording of less desriable SATB is below)

Luboff- Still, Still, Still

Thompson – Velvet Shoes- solo version- soft sweet lacy like fresh snow

Thompson- Velvet Shoes    in full SATB

Sing Along with Audience here*************** *  *   *     *     *        *           *
Holst- Christmas Day

Encore- later maybe.

Less desirable but SSAATTBB of Elgar- The Snow

Some of these recordings may be copyrighted. Pulled off the web.  So please treat them as temporary files for educational purposes.  Just to be fair and safe, please use the temporarily and these delete them.  Thanks.

Rehearsal recordings

Sept 14 2015  A Sept 14 2015 B Sept 14 2015 C Sept 14 2015 D 

Oct 1 2015 Warmup   about 20-25 minutes each segment Oct 1 2015 B Oct 1 2015 C Oct 1 2015 DOct 1 2015 E

Oct 26  2015
O Magnum Snow Suscepit & Deposuit Velvet

Nov 2 2015
Warmup Bring the Torch Oh Little Town of Bethlehem Sicut & Et Misericordia The Snow

Nov 9  2015
Warm-Up and Announcements O Magnum Mysterium Gloria Patri  oops- bad recording of Christmas Day- sorry

Nov 16 2015

Nov 23 2015

Nov 30 2015