AASR degrees

B Burlington  C Central  R Rutland  S Southern   add a V if Video
DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT March 21 2018  Rick Rayfield

4 Hiram and Guide, modules
5 Perfect Master. Temple completed, sons of Aaron are plotting Cast-14
6 Brazen Serpent- Moses and rebels -Video
7 Provost and Judge- stolen stone in quarry Cast-8
8 Intendant of Building- Solomon chosen over eldest brother Cast-20
9 Temple Dedication with many religious representatives Cast-22
10 King Solomon has wives and temples of many religions- Bad King No Donut Cast-16
11 Solomon hires bad tax collector and must correct Cast-16
12 Joseph in Egypt Video  2013S(hybrid)
13 Nine Arches –find lost word Cast-13
14 Ceremonial Name of Almighty Cast-10
15 Zurubabel tempted by King Cyrus in Persia Cast-10
16 Zurubabel petitions King Darius, who is hearing speeches on wine women and king.
17 Sadducees, Pharisees, and Essenes argue over Eagle on Temple, the Herod arrives and
is killed. Cast-30    2017C
18 Rose Croix ceremonial- Faith Hope Charity, Anointing. Bread and wine. Christian story of sacrifice Cast-12  2017C
19 NEW Oregon Trail- Brothers of the Trail Video   2018R
20 Benedict Arnold begs forgiveness from Brothers Washington, Lafayette, Franklin, and Brit officers. Cast-20
21 Patriarch Noachite Cast-12
22 Brothers of Forest: Singing Video 2015R 2106R
23 Four Chaplains Cast-32   2014?S
24 Colonial Masons consider a Native American petitioner Video
25 Young Ben Franklin petitions to join Cast-16  2016R
26 Brothers on opposite side of Civil War Cast-10  2015B 2017B
27 Pope Honorius and Emperor Frederick clash and reconcile Cast-30 2013?B
28 Kings and Nobles of several ethnic groups join in Rose Croix 17th century Cast-14
29 Knights of St Andrew  held hostage by Sultan Video
30 British 13rd century Court- guilty until proven innocent- tinker, evidence Cast-30

31  Brothers Keeper- Boston pre-Revolutionary War version of Good Samaritan Cast-9
32 Constans and Ceremonial Cast-22
Every April for decades in B, 2015R & 2016R