Fiji Songs

Phi Gamma Delta is my college fraternity, nicknamed Fiji  or Phi Gam.  I am the University of Chicago Fiji chapter’s songleader in the annual Interfraternity Sing.
This is the oldest interfraternity sing in the country, and includes fraternities and sororities.  We usually have between 100 and 150 Fiji undergraduates and alumni crammed on stage.

The 2018 Interfraternity Sing is 7:00 June 2nd
probably on the Main Quad (58 & University)


In 2017, we won the Spirit Cup with over 130 brothers crammed on stage
In 2016, we were eligible for Best Overall,  Quantity,  and Spirit., and we won Quantity
In 2015, the Chi Upsilon Fijis (us!) won the Quality Cup for Men
Since 2002, when I began this run as songleader the Chicago Fijis have won
Best Overall 2002, Spirit Cup 2005, Best Overall 2006, Quantity 2007, Best Overall 2008, Quantity 2010, Spirit 2011, Quality 2015, Quantity 2016 is the old web site.
Alumni Relations is running the Sing, and the new site is

This page has lyrics (bottom of page) and  mp3 downloads or click and play
singing parts
for our competition early in June each year.

This page is also an avenue to contact the singer Gorf Thugsky whose drinking songs  and  songs of immature sexual innuendo are, by sheer coincidence, familiar to me because of his association with the Chicago Fiji chapter.    His 25 song album is titled
The Sexual Life of the Camel and 25 Other Naughty Songs
Go to Gorf’s page  Password is color of the Pilgrim

Our Medley (words below) for 2017   June 3th 7:00 pm IF Sing  

Note early start for IF Sing this year  7:00 p.m.   No reception before.
Annual Norris Pig Dinner at 4:00 follows 12-4 open house at  House.

We are doing our traditional medley, the result of discussions with the undergraduates and graduates in 2015 through 2017.  Songs we know, in usual order.  Looking to please ourselves, the audience, and judges with a little romance, some traditional Fiji songs, and a big nod to UC athletic tradition.  It proved in 2015 to be a winning medley. So we are doing it again.

Entering we sing March March on Down the Field–  first verse repeated until we are in place and I wave crossed arms to signal second verse in harmony (Phi Gamma Delta’s name, means honor, glory.  Fight for her highest fame…)

1 Like Rare Old Wine  (Like rare old wine is friendship to me…
2 Fiji Rose (She has those dreamy eyes of blue….)
3  We’ve Not Much Longer Her to Stay (for in a month or two…)
then…  with  a Fijiijiji,, Delta, delta, Phi Gamma Delta, Our Delta we adore.
4 Soo here’s to good old delta drink her down (quiet), then with enthusiasm (not shouting please!)
Exiting-  March March on Down the Field.

MARCH, MARCH on down the field,    Guard Delta’s honor,
Never a vantage yield, but hit-hard and conquer:
Then give a long cheer for Delta’s Men,  We’re here to win again
Though our foes may fight to the end , FIJIS will win!
Verse 2
Phi Gamma Delta’s name means honor, glory;
Fight for her highest fame, Till we’re old and hoary;
Then give a long cheer for Delta’s Men
We’re here to win again.
Though our foes may fight to the end
Fijis will win!  (basses- win win win)
(Harmony is more important than shouting!)

Like Rare old Wine  (four part harmony   Hands at side, not in pockets or crossed.)
(tenors)Like rare,  (leads)Like rare,  (baritones)

Like rare,  (Basses) Like rare  (Everyone) wine. (hold note on “rare” while lower voices come in   Close N of wine on command, make it louder, then quiet it. Now harmonize-
Like rare old wine is friendship to me
Like rare old wine, how mellow we’ll be
So let’s get together in harmony, in harmony.

FIJI ROSE  alternate leads with everyone in harmony.
Leads: She has those dreamy eyes of blue,   All:   And a smile beyond compare,
Leads: Two ruby lips to greet you,  All:   and a wealth of golden hair, (tenors: golden hair)
Leads: She wears my pin, my Fiji pin,      All: She’s the fairest flower that grows,
All She’s my Phi Gamma Delta sweetheart,  She’s my own little Fiji rose (close S)

We’ve not much longer here to stay —      For in a month or two,
We’ll bid farewell to college days, —  Hail Delta land anew.
DeltaLand,   (build) Delta Land —    Hurrah (get quiet) for the Royal hue.
We’ll bid farewell to college days–  (nostalgic sweet) Hail Delta Land Anew.
(soft) With a Fi ji ji ji ji,      (growing) And a Fi ji ji ji ji
(full, not loud) And a Fi ji ji ji ji ji ji    And a Fi ji ji ji ji.
(Tenor/leads) Delta   (Bass echo) Delta   (Tenor/leads) Delta  (Bass echo)   Delta
(full harmony) Phi Gamma Delta,  our Delta we adore.

Here’s to Good Old Delta
(quietly, slowly) S0000- Here’s to good old Delta drink her down, drink her down
Here’s to good old delta drink her down, drink her down,  (more happy)
Here’s to good old delta for she’s hearty and she’s healthy (jolly)
Drink her down, drink here down, drink her down down down.    Hey!
( We will not repeat it fast and furious-  just end cheerful not drunk.)

Take a gentleman’s bow with me.  Then a wave.  Start signing again—

EXIT  with March March on Down the Field- turn heads to audience as you walk.

  Words 2017 Fiji IF Sing click and download words for our songs. One page.  Learn, but do not use on stage.

March March on Down the Field

Like Rare Old Wine

She Has Those Dreamy Eyes of Blue/Fiji Rose …Bass

We’ve Not Much Longer Here To Stay

Here’s to Good Old Delta

Other Songs———————————————————————————-

Wave the Flag for Old Chicago  usually sung with March of the Maroons and C stands for Cherished Courage in medley

Wave the Flag
Wave the flag for old Chicago, maroon her color grand,
Ever shall our team be victors, known throughout the land (oom, rah rah)
With the grand old man to lead us, without a peer we’ll stand
Then wave again that dear old banner,
For their heroes every man.

March of the Maroons
Then we’ll plunge, plunge on through that line,
And fight for old Chicago’s fame.
Never advantage yield,
Chicago’s grit will win this game (will win thisgame)
As we roll up the score, the cheers resound from high and low
Then plunge through that line again, and go Chicago, GO GO GO.

C stands for Cherished Courage
C stand for cherished courage
H for her honor high
I for her iron-bond interest
C for her college cry- CHICAGO
A for aim so ardent
G for her Gallantry
O stands for-the Old Man, the best coach in this land,
The big C for Victory !  (perhaps repeat thoughtfully- The Big C for victory.)

) For two traditional ribald additional verses to C Stands for Cherish Courage
see Gorf Thugsky  )


******* PAST IS PROLOGUE  *********************************

At our 100th Anniversary in 2002, we took the Best Overall Cup with this performance:

Fiji Songs And here is a faint recording from 1941:
1941 COLLEGE DAYS and HONEYMOON 2017 improved transfer from 78 RPM disc

Holding the cups are Ed Bee and legendary songleader Solon Cousins

Download my rehearsal for old medley in a file right here, Fiji Songs including 2002 Centennial Performance 

In 2014, by undergrad request, our concluding song was the Star Spangled Banner, sung crisply.   The tune was an Ode to the ancient Greek  poet Anacreon, and  well-known in England and in our new nation. Star Spangled Banner  click to play,  or right click title above to download mp3

In 2015 and 2016, the undergrads proposed the medleys we sang.

Some old favorites from past Sings:  PAST- not 2016



Star Spangled Banner, sung as two questions, not loudly, three part harmony on first three notes.  Place right hand slowly on heart as we sing first three notes (two words). Hold harmony on word SAY. Make them wonder what we are doing.
O say……. can you see by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last glea…ming,,,,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly strea…..ming???
(clipped) And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
O’er the land of the free(3) and the home (3) of the brave (2) ?
“Land” is short steady two syllables.. Do not sit on “the”- short.

RAISE ON HIGH (old favorite, revived in 2008)
(In 2012 it was clear that neither grads or undergrads had rehearsed enough to sing this.
Spacious Firmament- we may come back to it some day)
Brothers Arise, Arise Arise
Gather in song Arise Arise
Remember one refrain
Till we some day meet again
So now arise, now arise
Come sing (come and sing)
One song, one song for all.
Phi Gamma Delta’s Men will raise on high
A song to brothers new and men of days gone by.
For Delta land and Fiji legends olden
Provide a guiding light to us forevermore.
And all the stars that round her burn
Will glorify her name and story
Then to all be known
She publishes to every land
That brotherhood and Phi Gam men
Go on hand in hand.


Honey-  Farewell My Fiji Island Babe-
from my  Chicago 1970-1980 memory   – perhaps needs correcting- please send help
I could not find this song on the internet. Yet.
I have posted a rendition of it on my web site college men their voices raise
To memories old, to college days.
Sing one refrain, then sing again,
To Honey that I love so well.Honey, Honey, bless your heart (your heart)
You’re the Honey that I love so wellI dun been true my gal to you
You’re the Honey that I love so well
well well well..  Zum zum zumGoodbye my Honey Honey
Goodbye my love
Farewell my own true, very own true love
Never going to see you any  more  more  moreGoodbye,  Goodbye,  Goodbye,  Goodbye,  Goodbye,
Goodbye my .. Goodbye my Fiji Island baby,
Farewell my own true love, true love, love, love love,
I’m going to sail away and leave you
Never to see you any-  Never going to see you anymore.I’m going to hop upon a ferry boat,
Never to return again, return again.
So long, Farewell, Goodbye my Honey Goodbye
Goodbye my Fiji Isle,  Goodbye,
Farewell My Fiji Isle, Goodbye,
Goodbye my Fiji Island babe.
Fiji Island,  Fiji Island, Fiji Island, Fiji Island  Babe (Basses sing Fiji Island Babe)