Carmina Burana- Sample recordings (and Thompson Alleluia)

Here are some YouTube VIDEO recordings of Carmin Burana, three with two pianos and percussion, and two with full orchestra.  More on YouTube- go listen.

Carmina Burana with two pianos and percussion on YouTube, audio tracks below  Ljubljana    U Nebraska Lincoln  Augsberg    Orchestral    famous Jochum, DDG, orchestral

Here is the lovely two piano recording from the first YouTube (Ljubljana)
click and play,  or right click to download mp3 file

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
1 O-Fortuna

2 Fortune-plango-vulnera

Part I
Primo vere

3  Veris leta facies

4 Omnia-sol-temperat  Baritone solo

5 Ecce-gratum

 Uf dem anger
6 Tanz-dance- No Singing

7 Floret-silva

8 Chramer-gip-die  Soprano Solo and Choruses

9a Reie (tacet) then Swaz-hie-gat-umbe

9b Chume-chum-geselle-min

9c Swaz-hie-gat-umbe

10 Were-diu-wertl  missing-ending-hei

Part II
In Taberna

11 Estuans-interius Baritone-solo

12 Olim-lacus Tenor-solo-with-chorus-ending

13 Ego-sum-abbas  Baritone-solo-with-Chorus-wafna-haha

14 In-taberna  Men’s Chorus

Part III
Cour d’amours

15 Amor-volat  Soprano Solo and Ragazzi (kids perhaps) Chorus

16 Dies-nox-et-omnia  Baritone Solo

17 Stetit-puella   Soprano solo

18 Circa-mea-pectora Baritone and chorus

19 Spuer-cum-puellula  Men’s sextet

20 Veni-veni-venias  Two choruses

21 In-trutina  Soprano Solo

22 Tempest-est-iocundum  Chorus, solos, kids

23 Dulcissime-Soprano-solo

Blanziflor et Helena
24  Ave-formosissime

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
25 Oh for tuna two

Thompson Alleluia  OU University Chorale  

MIDI Thompson Alleluia   compressed file, download, then unzip