Ken Winter stuff

Ken Winter was a dear friend for many years.  I handled his email, and edited and sent out some of his movie and stage audition materials, and modified posters for his cameo performances (stickers attached- Also Appearing: Ken Winter). We sang together in church choir occasionally.

Ken and Monty and the Big Tree is a video I made of Ken and Monty and the big tree shading our garden.  If I had tackled it, it would have smashed our house.  So Monty took a deer stand halfway up and first took off the top half of the poplar.  Then, with Ken pulling on the come-along, they dropped the main trunk “as figured”.  My toddling daughter watched on safely. Copies on DVD on request.

Here is the two minute video of the Chain Saw Salute by six of his forestry friends, which I recorded at Local Folks Smoke House reception after Ken’s funeral. Click here to watch it on YouTube.

More on Ken later.