No Salt Bread

on request, I made four one-pound loaves of my classic wild yeast sesame bread with no salt on Saturday Oct 29 2016

Usually I make four pounds of dough with two teaspoons of salt.

Today, I left the salt out.

The difference in rising after one hour was obvious to my eye, and in this photo

Normal left.  No-salt right.
Same four pound dough batch after one hour rise,
except left has usual 2 tsp salt , and right side does not.

The dough was sticker and less elastic.  But it formed OK with extra flour on the counter and my hands.

I basted all four loaves with water as usual, and salted only one of them.
There was probably some residual salt on the board from previous flights of bread, so the bottom crusts mave have a little salt.
I did the water baste because this may affect the humidity in the oven, and the way the crust bakes, so I held it constant.  i sometime bake cinnamon bread using a brodtform, and I do not baste those loaves as it loses the attractive circular pattern.  But those loaves are outnumbered by basted loaves.  I should examine their crust consistency.