Some Menus

Here are some sample menus for large meals:

Chicken Pie Supper
Masonic Lodge Waitsfield VT
Holliday and I have chaired and helped cook this since 2003
on Columbus Day weekend.

Cider, Chicken Pie, Mashed Potatoes and gravy, Squash, Cole Slaw, Cranberry Sauce, Apple and Pumpkin Pie,  Coffee/tea/milk

Masonic Lodge Cornerstone dedication by Grand Lodge Officers
Sept 12, 2012
Waitsfield, VT, served at Waitsfield United Church of Christ
while Lodge served as Hurricaine Irene Relief HQ

Fresh Basil/Cashew Pesto Pasta (Farfalle) with Shrimp
Fresh Basil/Cashew Pesto Pasta with  Italian Sausage
Four Bean and Corn Salad
Sesame natural yeast bread
Peanut and Cashew brittle

Vermont Association of Cemetery Commissioners
Annual Meeting Lunch-  Waitsfield Masonic Lodge Sept 2012

Sesame natural yeast breads-  raisin cinnamon, almond, fig, plum, plain
with cream cheese, butter

Chicken Pie
Cheddar Meat-loaf
Mashed Potatoes
Dilled maple carrots
Cranberry sauce with Major Grey chutney
Bread and butter

Festive Board for Couples
Barre Masonic Lodge Jan 10, 2014

We had two servers, and Gary and Steve assisted me, and Holliday for a while.
We had to add a course when the toasting got behind the eating:  a “kitchen sink ” cole slaw made with extra items from other courses and some veggies I was going to make into a simple slaw to go with the lamb and yam- apples, beans and corn, carrots, fresh dill, raisins, maple/cider dressing
Same as 2013, but some modifications if I recall:
Lobster stock for Black Bean soup
No cinnamon on apples, added some pear slices
Added Kitchen Sink Cole Slaw
Added a dark bread with the lamb and yam.

Festive Board for Couples
Barre Masonic Lodge  Jan 9, 2013
Holliday and I teamed to chef this with Steve Engel and Gary Bombard
Eight courses meal with wine toasts between
I  Black bean and roasted pepper soup with rosemary bread
II Apple slices with honey, cinnamon, and challah bread
III Fettucine with parmesan, prosciutto, and portabellas.
IV  Spiced banana with oranges and mint
V   Lamb and Yam, side of parsnips with dill and bread/butter
VI   Grapefruit/orange sorbet  palate cleanser
VII Vermont artisan cheese board: five local cheeses
VIII  Chocolate ice cream with  mocha rum sauce and
fresh peanut brittle.

Festive Board for Couples
Barre Masonic Lodge  January 2012
similar to 2013, but half items different. Menu lost…..

Past Masters District 6, F&A Masons of Vermont
Annual Meeting and Past Masters Degree
hosted by Mad River Lodge #77  May 2, 2014

Starter: Elk Stew and Rosemary bread
…………….Red and White boiling potatoes, tomato, cranberry raisins,
Entrees:  Shrimp with cashew/basil pesto on farfalle poasta
……………..Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potatoes
Salad: Black bean, silver & gold baby corn, plum tomato, fresh dill
…………….with cider viengar, maple syrup oliver oil dressing
Dessert: Mint choco chip or vanilla ice cream with  warm mocha rum sauce
……………..Fresh sesame brittle
Coffee, milk, lemonade

Vermont Scottish Rite Reunion in Barre 20 Sept 2014
Persian Breakfast in the Court of Darius I circa 520 BCE (16th degree)
Coffee and Persian Tea
Grape and Pomegranate Juice
Barbari Bread  and Cinnamon Raisin Bread (both sesame & natural yeast home-baked)
Cow and Sheep Feta Cheese  (domestic and French)
Fig, Cherry, Strawberry, and other Jams and Honey
Melon, Apples, Grapes
Chicken Sausage with cinnamon raisin olive Basmati Rice
Fresh Lamb Sausage with onion, cinnamon, cumin Basmati Rice
Miranda Rayfield assisted.

Community Supper at Waitsfield UCC  June 26 2015 (similar to June 27 2014)
Wild Yeast Sesame Bread, some with rosemary
Curried Basmati rice with raisins,  and plain too
Chicken Legs and Thighs with Sweet and Sour Cherry Sauce
Red and Black Bean Salad with  raw Baby Silver and Gold Corn with Cilantro  and
Maple Cider Cumin Dressing
Red and Green Cabbage Slaw with Carrots, Golden Raisins, and Toasted Almonds
with Maple Cider Dressing, and five pepper melange
Amalfi-  Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey  (Clover and Tupelo)
and Cinnamon and whipped Cream

Menu for Dick Jamieson 50 year  Masonic supper   6 Oct 2015
Wild-Yeast Sesame Bread and Cabot Cheese
Roasted Pork Tenderloin with portabella mushrooms and Gala apple slices
Sweet Potatoes with Maple butter
Red Cabbage and Gala apple Cole slaw with fresh ginger,
and a maple syrup cider vinegar dressing
Black, Red, and White bean with silver & gold Baby Corn Salad
with cilantro,  and an  olive oil maple cider dressing
Lemonade, Iced tea, Milk, Spring Water
Vanilla or Butter Pecan Ice Cream with Hot Fudge or Butterscotch sauce