This demonstration was part of FourWinds Nature program, parent volunteers teaching in the classroom and outdoors.  This demonstration of a graphic display of a sound spectragraph was added to enrich a 5/6 grade class.   The students sat in a tight circle and spoke their name into my iPhone.   All the students’ spectragraphs were posted on the Four Winds bulletin board with just their first names and a few hints so other students could parse out the visualizations of their last names. Each 6th grade student received an enlarged print-out of their unique name recording at graduation.
I recorded with the Voice Memo feature on the iphone.  I then shared to to my email, and from there downloaded it to a free popular sound processing called Audacity.  Audacity visualizes waveforms of sound, and is used for editing noise, etc.(note the many controls on the top of the graphic.)   I then took the screen shot of Audacity’s display as seen below.
The display as presented pretty much shows the intensity/volume/loudness of the names as pronounced.  If we stretched each spectragraph out we could see frequencies.  But jjust as simple as this is, we can correlate the sound of the student’s name with the visual display.

Click play-bar to listen, or right click this line to download mp3 file of Fayston students speaking their first and last names 12 March 2018