Register Cliff slides AASR 19th

These slides can be used before the 19th degree to review some history of the Oregon Trail, which ran similarly to the California and Mormon Trails from about 1840 to 1860.
350,000 to 400,000 people are believed to heading West on this trail system.  The Mormon Trail branched south to Salt lake City.  The California Trail branched south further west to the gold rush on and farms of California.

Oregon Trail wagon ruts still visible today.  
The 19th degree describes people riding to Register Cliff  from Fort Laramie, where a huge latrine polluted water downstream, likely a cause of much cholera on the Oregon Trail.  

Register Cliff Wyoming

VLUU L110, M110 / Samsung L110, M110

 Names and dates carved in sandstone of Register Cliff Register Cliff today
Wagon Train re-enactment

Independence Rock  granite, 180 miles West of Register Cliff

Granite at Indepence Rock  is harder than sandstone at Register Cliff
So trained stonecutters with standard alphabets carved names more uniformly for a fee.
July 4,  1920 Masonic Lodge at Independence Rock (180 miles West of Register Rock) to celebrate  1862 charter of the first Masonic Lodge in Wyoming.