Misc. Projects

Here are some odds and ends projects- a new page started April 2015-  under construction

will use pull down tabs for easy  access

Creation Windows in the Federated Church (now Waitsfield United Church of Christ)
I conceived this idea, and painted the water window for Murilla’s baptism.  I then recruited the Sunday School to paint four windows, and asked the congregation to contribute handprints for the sixth window.

Masonic Lodge Waitsfield Vermont building preservation
I have been involved in various aspects of renovating this 1845 former general store

Acting in Scottish Rite  Dramas, and Drama Director for Central Valley
A few photos from various degrees
Or the singing 22nd degree

Swimming,  Canoeing, Windsurfing,  Skiing, Scuba Diving

Bike Freak

Moose Lake Club– my grandfather’s 100 year old fishing club in Northern Wisconsin

Rayfield Equipment-  VO2 Max Testing
VO2 Max measurement  (and behavior analysis) with microprocessor kits  KIM-1, AIM-65), Apple II, IBM PC, and Commodore 64 early personal computers (1970s)
Computer hardware interfaces, software, exhaled air mixing chambers, and  spirometers.
Used worldwide in many research applications.

Bubble Windows
I worked on using soap bubble foam as an insulator and visual curtain inside double pane glass windows.  Began as a high school state-level science fair project look at soap bubbles and minimal surfaces. Because water soap foams have moist air inside, I have been looking for a way to produce and control a dry air (better insulator) oil-based foam.

Rick’s Bread-  looking for a name for my bakery business.
I started baking with Tassajara Bread Book while in grad school. When Holliday and I got married, a cousin gave us a bread machine as a joke gift.  After ten years of bread machines, I graduated to wild yeast hand-made breads, and donated bread to food shelves, community suppers, school events, church coffee hours, Thanksgiving baskets, and other good causes, including my family.    I take my baking on vacations and have made bread in our Wisconsin lake cabin,  Chautauqua Institute condo, British farmhouse, mother’s beachhouse, and brother’s ski house (8,500 ft altitude).  I taught Cub Scouts to bake bread for community service.  In 2015, I started selling my bread at  a Farmers Market, baking not just for love, but for money.  So far it’s OK.