Septic Field on Island

1945 Septic field was too small and clogged with roots, and dirt from septic or between clay tiles.      On a tiny island in a remote lake.  Boat access only.  Contractors won’t bid on this job.
2016  This project
Tank is 4 ft deep by 4 feet diameter  50 cu ft or  375 gallons

Picked up 18 perforated drain pipes (ten feet) in Marquette Michigan on way to cabin. Half of them are up inside canoe.

Canoe transports pipe to island in lake, second load

Old clay tile field is completely clogged.

Both baffles in old tank has rusted away below outlet

New baffle is standard design now- four inch tube down to midway in tank.  Heavy stuff sinks below. Light stuff floats above. So pretty much just water goes out to field.

New baffle has rubber hub gasket to seal in five inch outlet.   SS screws hold baffle tube at 24 inches above bottom of 48 inch deep tank  (48 inch diameter too.)

A cleanout is mostly to pour in root killer. Yes, in photo perf tube is outside down.

Top drain pipe is connected to septic tank. Bottom two perforated pipes provide additional storage, similar to space between gravel rocks.

Three twenty foot branches.  Here Branches A and B are assembled (three tubes) and wrapped with landscaping cloth to keep roots and dirt out.

IMG_3936Branch C is half wrapped. Trenches dug down to top of old field.

IMG_3939View from below toward cabin showing outlet line and three branches.

Piling dirt on the new field.   A mound. Many wheelbarrows full from sandy knoll uphill.
Maybe 50 wheelbarrows at 25 shovelfuls per wheelbarrow.
All covered with dirt.  Stakes are level with tank, and a foot from trench/  Blue grass seed.
Once mulched, hard to see what it is .