Up High

East side Wood ribs stripped and repainted with alkyd (“oil-base”) paint in 1995, now failing.  Steeplejack suggests no-maintenance copper ribs which go well with the slate, even though no original.  Balance maintenance vs historic preservation.  Not sure about  spheres at top.
Wrap-around ribs?  Also use copper? (Large threaded steel rods hole steeple together inside.  This steeple is steel, slate, and wood.

East side-  no clock in face

I think that’s a hornets nest.
South side-  clock face
That rough sheet metal folded cornice is  maybe lead, copper, or aluminum.  It is not failing.
South side- see wind vane for orientation
West side

west clock.  lightning cable visible on right
Ouch ribs- not just the paint.  Note capped detail on wood curly peaks. Nice detail
Is that paint loss or lichen growth on the top finial?
Note lightning cable up right side of finial to the wind vane. I recall that wind vane with a six foot arrow up there!
Compare white glass clock face to painted wood.
Back to East, and north sides now that I have camara focus figured out.