Snowflake Slide Show

Slide Show

Snowflakes-under-a-Microscope-16 Electron Microscope image
00 400 snowflake photos to scale
400 snowflake photos, to scale
Snowflakes3   80 images–  Bentley, types, growth, water, light and electron microscopy, art, frost, beasts in snow.
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I added some painting of snowballs fights, photos of frost patterns, and some human interest photos at end.
Some photo software did not keep order correct in first draft slide show.

Description of Snowflake slide show  Word doc
Snowflake Slide Show January 2016 Rick Rayfield  click downloads Word file,
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Snowflake Slide Show  January 2016  Rick Rayfield
images from internet,  sorry- not credited. Wikipedia, etc.
Light and heavy snow on trees
Wilson Bentley  AKA Snowflake Bentley  1865-1931  Jericho VT
Stellar lighted theatrically with colored lights in standard light microscope
Stellar coated with metal vapor for electron microscopy  (EM)
Temperature/Humidty chart for types and sizes of snowflakes
Type chart for snowflakes
H2O molecule  showing angle of hydrogens- not in line
Two things- 1.  angle produces hexagons mostly
2. Molecule is plus on hydrogen side, and negative on
oxygen side, so like little magnets if not zooming too fast (gas- water vapor/steam)
they link up in chains, called liquid water
If even less energy, they for three dimensional crystals- ice.
Slides showing water molecules as gas, liquid, crystal.
However, ice crystals have other ways of lining up especially if water is not pure
Snowflake growth as more and more water molecules attach, sometimes branching,
sometimes making plates.  More air time, more growth.   Colder, more growth.
Wetter air, more growth.
Electron Microscope-  much bigger and more complicated than classroom light microscope
or hand lens; But we can see a lot with hand lens.
Five EM images
Back to Light images of major snowflake types, plates, needle, stellar, capped columns-
similar to cards in matching exercise from Four Winds
Graupel  fuzzy ice balls

SnowMaking Equipment.  Variety!
But the snowflakes form so fast they are mostly “frozen slush”- pellets with lots of air. Great for skiing,
Not the same as natural powder, or as pretty, or varied.
Snowmakers put a protein  in the water from bacteria as “enucleating agent” a seed for the water to freeze to in three dimensions with air in between.  The protein is like a microscopic fuzz ball.
Frost on window- snow crystal growing on glass instead of around a particle

A bunch of EM pictures showing detail and 3D of snowflakes.

28 January- added some old paintings of snowball fights, frost photos, and human interest photos