My teachers

Who are these people I claim as my teachers? (many were my U Chicago profs)

teachers 9

Teachers ten

Israel Goldiamond– PhD advisor, took me on as an undergrad, clinical work with stutterers and heroin addicts, built a rat and pigeon lab as adjunct to clinic, measured utterances in different kinds of psychotherapy (my junior bachelor’s paper). Introduced me to B F Skinner conceptually and in person.
Gene Gendlin– Philosophical Psychology (A.B.) program director, evaluation of effectiveness of focusing and other clinical modalities.
E Hazel Murphy– employed me in her visual plasticity lab, cats mostly,  also squirrel monkeys, and rabbits, instrumenting behavioral assessment and single unit brain cell recordings.
Elsie Pinkston– Applied behavior analysis, family model- parents as teachers/shapers/clinicians, a la another teacher Ivar Lovaas
Al Rechtschaffen– sleep course, some work in his lab
Howard Moltz– at every lecture, a sex question, why not?
Bruno Bettelheim– the giant neoFreudian who treated autistic children, brilliant but brutal,  wisely audited.
Eckhard Hess– ethology course, Goldiamond’s advisor, elucidated Konrad Lorenz’s imprinting work, and branched into pupillometry
Lew Seiden– psychopharmacology founder, studied brain distribution of catecholamines during reinforcement in his lab, and observed first evidence of adjunctive defecation in his student lab
Richard Mintel– taught me to love biology  (especially bioenergetics) as not just facts, but mysteries of complex science. I took his courses early to get boring old biology out of the way, and ended up with a PhD in Biopsychology.
Wardell Pomeroy– Second author on Kinsey 1948 and 1953; my SAR teacher
Stuart Kauffman– theoretical biology, math and modelling of complexity.  Order from chaos.
Robert Tapp– psychology of religion, with much anthropology.
Bob Schuster– Second reader for my PhD, world leader in cocaine research
Vivian Smith and Joel Pokorny– their color vision course made me see differently
and he was 3rd reader on my PhD.
Sal Maddi– personality theory,  well-organized
William Wimsatt– Artificial intelligence, defining humanity, reductionism and emergence, philosophy that led me to biological science
Susan Weininger– my art history teacher at Roosevelt University, UC trained
Ted Cohen– Aesthetics. How can can you teach that?  Cohen could and did.
Ted McIlvenna– SAR teacher, minister, body work , teaching sexuality as science and humane art.
George Beadle– in one hour the world of genetics came alive through corn and teocintle, his Nobel prize research, growing corn next to our soccer field.
Howard Wainer– a Tukey prodigy for whom statistics was a chance to invent
new tools to understand rough data, and master basic concepts.
Orville Baker– NIU English led our study group for six week in Greece
Barry Bauman– Art Institute conservator, taught me frame building and conservation
Michael Limoli– my ballet teacher (when I was 40), now a renowned clarinetist
William Thomas McKinley– prominent composer, supervised my music theory self-study
Peter Homans– taught Freud in the Divinity School, where I got the Ricoeur approach to interpretation
Leo Nedelsky–  a student/colleague of Fermi, taught me classical physics, relativity, and quantum mechanics in one year with tea.

Oh shit,  I forgot to take a business course.

My students were my teachers too.   And I have skipped a bunch of teachers.
Thank you all….  rr