Church Chandeliers

The Waitsfield United Church of Christ / Village Meeting House was built in 1875 as the third Congregational Church Meeting House.  The sanctuary was originally lit with a large gas chandelier.  The 12 inch diameter wood pulley to lower the chandelier can be seen in the attic between the ceiling and the roof.
The gas chandelier was replaced by six electric chandeliers, three of which are seen in the photo below. The standard medium bulb socket in each was eventually supplied with a clear 150 Watt utility bulb.  Brighter or specialty bulbs might have provided more light, but the total wattage was limited by the 900 Watt dimmer switch.  This lighting was not adequate for all purposes in the evenings, such as choir rehearsals and concerts.
With the major building renovation in 2017, I found 1-to-4 adapters that screwed into each medium socket.  So each chandelier has gave four bulb sockets.  I was then able to install four 15.5 LED bulbs totaling 62 Watts in each chandelier, which more than doubled the light output from 2700 to over 6000 lumens.   They are the same 2800 degree warm color as the old bulbs.
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