Video Tape (VHS) Collection

We have about 2000 VHS tapes with over 3000 movies in storage.
Some are commercial tapes.
Some were recorded off-air, and due to copyright laws may only be available for educational purposes.
Many we already have on DVD. see the DVD library page
These PDFs are the alphabetic directory to about 1600 of the tapes.
Not all of them are available. Many were taken by a collector who got to the collection first.   But this set of PDFs gives you hope that we might have a movie that we can rent on VHS or convert to DVD for you to rent.

This collection is largely donated from
the estate of W Scott Johns III of Shelburne Vermont
who was a lover and collector of films par excellence

Additional tapes were donated by
Rick and Holliday Rayfield,
Al and Jane Hobart,
and various people in the Mad River Valley.

A-C  vhs-a-c-w-scott-johns-iii
D- J  vhs-d-j-w-scott-johns-iii
K- N  vhs-k-n-w-scott-johns-iii
O – R  vhs-o-r-w-scott-johns-iii
S  – T  vhs-s-t-w-scott-johns-iii
V  – Z  vhs-v-z-w-scott-johns-iii